Serivce Paperles

About US

Welcome to Sales Pipe CRM!

-Formally Service Paperless-

Who are we?

We are just like you and others in your shoes. We build this program out of a nessesity for it. It has been build and utilized from day one by a service company just like you!

This is our flag ship product. We have worked hard on systems and hardware. But now we are working to build this program for all the companies that need a system but don't have the time to learn something else.

What do we do?

We have been adding features every week to the system. To keep updated on features. Suggest some features please contact us. We are open to all our customers ideas.

This program has been driven to be build for a company that wanted an alternative for the pricey other options out there. It has been build and used by a sevice company right from the get go so you know we are out to meet the goals of your company!

About our company?

Sales Pipe CRM is a product. The company that produced this software is Hanlon System Solutions LLC. We have came up with this idea from working in the construction field for years. The program is ment to service anyone that has a need to track contacts, jobs, and employees.

You can see who Hanlon System Solutions LLC is by clicking the link.